Wash Day | Protective Style Files

Wash Day PS Files

I’m still rocking my wig and my scalp didn’t act up after 2 weeks of not washing it. 🙂 The wash went pretty well. Here’s what happened. Sorry for the lack of pictures. 

(1) Pre-poo and detangling: Finger detangled each braid and used seamless comb to gently detangle again. Pre-poo with olive + coconut oil + motions conditioner covered with cap for 40 min. no heat.

(2) Shampoo: I wanted to try a method I heard about from Naturally Curly. I washed once with ORS Neutralizing Shampoo and did a second wash with Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo. Rinsed out shampoo and made sure to finger detangle.

(3) Deep Conditioner: ORS Replenishing Conditioner with Roux Porosity Control (which I just finished), olive and coconut oils left over from pre-poo and castor oil. Covered for 30 minutes with heat.

(4) Leave-ins: Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner, African Naturalistas Leave-in Conditioner, and Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer. Sealed with hemp seed + coconut oils and detangled.

(5) Styling: Tension blow dry roots with cool air. Braided my hair and curled the leave out to “try” to stretch my roots further. It didn’t work. 🙁

I noticed my hair was a bit tangled this go around but I was very patient. I think the amount of shed hair plus almost 4 months of new growth contributed to this. In retrospect, I should have applied oil and conditioner to my hair before finger detangling. Finger detangling took some time but it helps prevent breakage from combs. I made sure to finger detangle throughout the My hair feels pretty good in the protective style and I’m noticing some slight improvement of my hairline. 😀

I will probably get some Hairveda Sitrinillah to help with all the tangling because it softens my hair so well. Not to happy about the price though. Exchange rate things. Hopefully, one day there will be a lovely indigenous brand making conditioners like that. 🙂 I may also use a clear rinse because that has helped be with long stretches in the past. I tried tension blow drying with cool air but I didn’t get as much stretch as I would have liked. Normally, I get a better stretch with heat. I think the sections I used were a bit too big. I know that Jeni (Just Grow Already) and Journey to Waist Length on YouTube use tension blow drying to help their stretch their transitioning hair. I think I’ll get the hang of it soon. 😀

I plan to keep using this wig for at least 3 weeks. My leave out is already looking crazy with all the new growth. I’m avoiding heat but I may need to do something to this leave out.

How is your hair doing?

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