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What’s good, everyone?  Thanks for all the comments and encouraging words for my last wash day post. 😀 After my last wash day, I knew I wanted to protective style my hair. I need to give it a rest for a bit. My options were braids, weave, or a wig. I decided to go with a wig because it has little to no pulling. I did this wash about 10 days ago. I want to see if I can handle washing every two weeks and reduce the amount of manipulation. Hopefully, my scalp can handle it. Here’s what happened.

(1) Detangling and Pre-poo: Sectioned my hair into 6 and applied the Shea Moisture elixir to each section.  I used my fingers to detangle and get out any major knots. Then, I applied Motions Moisture Plus conditioner to each section, wrapped my hair and used my heating cap for 15 minutes. My hair was quite soft after using the conditioner. I was surprised because I didn’t really like the conditioner when I used it in the past. After using my heating cap, I detangled each section with my wide-tooth comb.

(2) Shampoo: I washed each section twice with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo.

(3) Deep Condition: I used Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment  mixed with Lavender JBCO and jojoba oil to deep condition with heat for 30 minutes.

(4) Leave-ins and Styling: After rinsing out the conditioner and t-shirt drying for about 10 minutes, I applied Giovanni Direct Leave-in and African Naturalistas Leave-in Conditioner to each section. I sealed each section with my oil mix (hemp seed oil and coconut oil) and detangled each section. Detangling went so much better this time. 😀 I allowed my hair to air dry slightly (~50%) and I roller set my leave-out and braided the rest using box braids.

This wash day was very simple and fast. For that, I am grateful. The next day, I took down the rollers and put on my wig. I used the wig I got from Hair by Type 4. The wig is quite durable. My major concern is my leave-out hair. It’s in the front, which is the weakest part of my hair. I’m worried about breakage and manipulation. To maintain it, I moisturize every other day and use my castor oil mix on my scalp.

I want to keep wearing this wig for another 4 weeks and then switch to another one. I have the Creta Girl wig which I’ve only worn a few times. I was having issues blending it but I’ve been inspired by some YouTube videos. Hopefully, I can get to look okay.

How is your hair doing?

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