Breakage Be Gone

What’s up, everyone? Thanks for the encouraging comments on my last post. I really appreciate it. We are halfway through the year. Where did the time go? Did you have any goals for the year? How are they going?

The front of my hair, especially my hairline tends to break very easily. The hair in that area is much finer than the rest of my hair. Some of the strands are so fine that it is difficult to see them. Fine hair is very fragile and has a tendency to tangle and break 🙁

My hair in that area is doing better than in the beginning of 2014 where it was almost all gone. It spurred me to start my hairline and nape challenge. I can tell that my hair has grown because I use a larger roller now (3/4 inches to 1.5 inches).

My edges have improved too. It used to be completely bald and now hair grows. My major issue is retention. They will grow to a certain point and break off at the demarcation point. It is very very frustrating. So, I have some things I want to try consistently for the rest of the year. Consistency and a good plan are key to having a successful journey. If it doesn’t work, I may have to start transitioning to natural hair.

1. Use a bonnet that is silk/satin all around.

My old bonnet has an elastic band which may cause an issue with my hairline. I recently got a 2-way silk scarf from Savvy and Chic. The scarf doesn’t have any exposed elastic. 🙂

We will also be launching our #2waysilkscarfs!! A #stylish #effective way to protect your hair and edges!! #besavvychic

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2. Use low-manipulation hairstyles that reduce tension on my hairline.

I reached out to Dr. Fomsky of The Sizzling Mommy and she offered some suggestions. She even did a video of a style I want to try.

I am also planning to get curlformers and hopefully I can get the set to last a few days. Do you have any other style ideas?

3. Use more protein products on that area.

My hair has never experienced protein overload. (I usually get moisture overload. Go Figure) I think I don’t get protein overload because I hair is very fine. Fine hair tends to accept protein pretty well. Most of my deep conditioners have some form of protein Plus, I’m a big fan of the Aphogee products. They add enough strength for me. What’s your favorite protein conditioner?

4. Remain consistent with the other parts of my regimen.

Succesful Consistency

To be honest with you, I’ve been slacking a bit for the past few weeks. It’s part of the rut I mentioned in my last hair post. Consistency breeds results. 😀

I’m very hopeful that this will work. Wish me luck.


Do you have fine hair? How do you prevent breakage and retain length?