Anatomy of a Wash Day

Lately, I’ve been watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, hence the title of this post. Did you know that show has been on for 10 YEARS?? I’m very a little salty since a major character recently died. 🙁 Anyway, back to the matter at hand . . . my wash days.


Wash days can be magical, sometimes. For me, wash days are a key step to my regimen. They help reset and prepare my hair for the rest of the week.

Pre-shampoo Treatment

Before I put any water on my head, I make sure to detangle my hair in order to remove all the shed hair. Having shed hair can lead to MASSIVE tangles. Trust me, I know from experience. Usually, I massage my scalp with oil and use conditioner and/or oils on the length of my hair. I keep my hair in sections to prevent clumping and tangling.


I rinse out the pre-poo and wash my hair. Normally, I use a sulfate-free shampoo and once a month I use a sulfate based shampoo. During the first wash, I massage my scalp and hair with the shampoo. For the second wash, I focus primarily on the scalp.

Star of the show!

Tea Rinse

After shampooing, I rinse my hair with tea. The tea is steeped for several hours. Tea rinses have a host of benefits including reduced shedding, hair thickening, and scalp stimulation. After the rinse, I use an instant conditioner to help soften my hair.

Deep Conditioning

This is the most important part of my wash day. Deep conditioning infuses moisture into my hair. Most people would recommend deep conditioning at least once a month. Typically, I deep condition for at least 30 minutes with heat (if there’s electricity) or an hour without heat. Generally, I add oils to my deep conditioners. The only deep conditioner I don’t add oils to is my beloved Hairveda Sitrinillah. It already has some of the oils I love (coconut and castor oils).


I typically try to detangle while rinsing the conditioner out.  Lately, I just use my fingers and detangle with a comb later. As a final rinse, I use diluted apple cider vinegar and cold water. This helps to tighten the cuticle.

Leave-ins and Styling

After drying with a t-shirt or towel, I apply my leave-ins while maintaining the same four sections. Then, I comb them through to help distribute the product evenly. For styling, I usually roller-set or air dry. Roller setting gives me pretty straight results with minimal heat.

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What are your wash days like?

Image Source: Mashable