My Perfectil Experience – 1 month update

If you follow many hair journeys, you may see that hair vitamins are all the rage now. From Hairfinity to Mane Choice to various vitamin combinations, women and men are attributing the vitamins to phenomenal hair growth. Taking these vitamins is not without risk. Some of these side effects turned me off from taking vitamins.

I asked on twitter a while ago if anyone had experience with taking Perfectil. It’s a hair, skin, and nails vitamin that I’ve seen in many pharmacies throughout Nigeria. There weren’t many reviews on it but the few I saw and read were generally positive. So, I decided to try it out for about 6 months. I just finished my first box and I can see a difference.

Right now, I am 9 weeks post relaxer. My new growth feels like I’m further along in my stretch (like 12 – 13 weeks post). I noticed the extra growth during my last wash day. My hair was matting and tangling at the roots. If this keeps up, I don’t know if I will be able to stretch my relaxer for my usual 4 months.

Perfectil Vitamins

I’ve had some side effects while using this vitamin. During the first 2 weeks, I had some acne breakouts but it wasn’t too terrible. I used another hair vitamin in the past that totally ravaged my skin in the first week and I had to stop taking it. Another side effect is an itchy and tender scalp. My scalp isn’t so bad that I’m constantly scratching it but I notice that it itches more than usual. I looked up some information via my buddy, Google, and saw on Long Hair Care Forum that some people attribute this to increased growth and scalp stimulation. I will continue using it for the 6 months and I will check-in from time to time.

Do you use hair vitamins? What results did you get?