Wash Day Experience | A Simple Wash Day

What’s good, everyone? Hope you are having a good week. This is my first wash day after my relaxer and there’s nothing new. It’s best to keep things simple. Here’s what happened:

(1) I noticed some flakes on my scalp. My scalp felt a bit dry, probably due to the relaxer. I did a scalp massage with neem oil, lavender JBCO, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils.

(2) Pre-poo with a mixture of coconut and hemp seed oils (first layer) and Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner (second layer). Covered with a plastic cap for 30 minutes

(3) Rinsed out pre-poo and washed 3x with Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo

(4) Tea rinse with hibiscus powder, green and black teas. I rinsed 2x using the pour-catch method and left on for 5 minutes. Rinsed with warm water to remove the residue from the hibiscus powder. T-shirt dried for 10 minutes.

(5) Protein layered (on edges, nape, and ends) with Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor. Deep conditioned with HairVeda Sitrinillah for 30 minutes with heat.

(6) Rinsed with cool water.  T-shirt dried for 15 minutes.

(7) Separated into 4 sections. Applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Infusium 23) and sealed with my coconut + hemp seed oil mix. Detangled with a wide-tooth comb.

(8) Roller set and dried with my hooded dryer for 45 minutes on medium heat. Left the rollers in overnight.


I forgot how easy wash days are when I’m freshly texlaxed. I didn’t really have to section my hair and it went very smoothly. My hair still has some texture so I’m pleased. A simple wash day, indeed.

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