Relaxer Update #4

What’s good, everyone? This post is super late. I was pretty sick and I lost my voice. Plus, work was quite busy but I’m back now. 🙂
I finally did my retouch last week. This took ALL day. I started around 8 in the morning and finished around 7 in the evening. (Granted, I took some breaks.) The time it takes is the major reason why I don’t like relaxing my hair. However, I think I finally have a method that works pretty well for me. Here’s what happened:
Relaxer Update 4

(1) Since I was still using the wig, most of my hair was in braids. I took down each braid and combed with wide-tooth comb. Then, I parted my hair into 4 sections.

(2) Applied Roux Porosity Control conditioner to my previously relaxed hair and covered all of my hair with olive oil (including new growth).


(3) Starting at the nape, parted hair in ~1 inch sections and applied Dark and Lovely Scalp Protective Gel (from a previous relaxer kit) and Vaseline to scalp. Twisted the ends to keep the hair separated.

(4) I use the half-and-half method to retouch my hair. Placed roller clips along the ear-to-ear part to hold plastic cap securely. Secured the front half of my hair with clip and covered it with 2 plastic caps over it to keep it dry.

(5) Mixed and applied relaxer to back section starting at the middle and working to the nape. Application and smoothing took 18 minutes

(6) Rinsed out the relaxer and did mid-relaxer protein step with Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor for 2 minutes. Rinsed.

(7) Neutralized with the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo provided in the kit. I kept it on for 3 minutes each wash and did neutralized 3 times. Last shampoo with a color-alarm shampoo to make sure all the relaxer is neutralized.

(8) Repeat relaxer application/neutralization to front half. Did an ACV rinse to further lower pH.


(9) Applied Mega Growth to edges nape and ends. Applied Replenishing Pack and deep conditioned with heat for 30 minutes and 30 minutes without heat.

(10) Rinsed out thoroughly. Did clear rinse with Jazzing for 30 min with heat

(11) Rinse t-shirt dry apply leave ins (apogee and carol’s daughter Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer and Chocolät Blow Dry Cream

(12) Roller set hair but my adaptor to my dryer died. I had to take down the rollers and blow dry instead. 🙁 I used medium heat and speed.

(13) Applied Chi Silk Infusion and flat ironed at 191 °C (375 °F) using 2 passes and the comb-chase method

(14) I trimmed a small amount (less than 0.5 in) from the ends.

I used this opportunity to do a length check. I think I retained some length. My ends look okay but I may need to trim more. I liked how the relaxer turned out but it feels really straight. The texture seems a bit straighter than I would like but I will be able to tell when I wash my hair again. Despite the time it took, this relaxer went quite well.

How is your hair doing?