Hair Musings #5

HAIR MUSINGSWhat’s up, everyone? I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the New Year. My holiday was fine. I spent time with my family in God’s Own State. Harmattan is quite real over here. (I don’t know who stole the harmattan in Lagos.) My hair and skin weren’t prepared. Dry, dusty, and cool. 🙁 I brought my wig along with me and I am truly grateful. My hair was protected. My leave-out was another story. I didn’t bring any conditioner with me (just some moisturizers and oils) so I worried that my hair would dry out. Luckily, my mom had some Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk co-wash cleanser, which I promptly “borrowed”. I used that every 3-4 days on my leave out to infuse more moisture into it. Then, I would roller set it to stretch out the new growth. For the most part, I would spray my hair with braid spray and baggy for an hour or two. Then, I would spray the Shea Moisture Reconstructive Finishing Elixir to seal it in. My coconut/hemp seed oil mix wasn’t cutting it for sealing. I would also take down the braids every 3 – 4 days to fully moisturize my hair with Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion. My hair seemed to like the regimen and my scalp didn’t revolt over not being washed for 3 weeks. 😀 My leave-out was fine but I noticed some minor breakage. I will do a proper deep conditioning for that.

I’m just over 4 months post relaxer so it’s time to start preparing for it. I would like to go to a salon but I can’t really trust anyone to do it. My last relaxer was really under-processed and I did a corrective, which helped a bit. Last year, I was the last time I self-relaxed but I think I have a better plan to prevent any mishaps.

My Etisalat internet wasn’t too great where I was staying so I missed reading blogs and such. I could only access twitter from time to time. Thankfully, I scheduled some posts and WordPress didn’t play me. I’m glad to work on my blog again and I’m catching up on what everyone is doing. I want to do some upgrades to the site and “brand”). Do you know of a good graphic designer that I may want to work with?

How’s your hair doing these days?