Wash Day | Protective Style Prep

At 14 weeks post relaxer, I think I’m reaching a limit. My new growth is very thick and full so my options are to relax my hair or leave it alone in a protective style. I don’t want to think about retouching my hair until January. So, that leaves me with protective styling. I can’t do braids because my edges are just coming back to life and a weave isn’t really an option because I want to have access to my scalp. I had many issues with the last weave I installed and I ended up with breakage. It was my fault since I didn’t moisturize like I should have. This time, my protective style of choice is a wig. However, I had to prepare my hair for it. Here’s how it went.

(1) The previous night, I did a scalp massage with neem + coconut + tea tree + peppermint + eucalyptus oils. Sectioned my hair into 8 and detangled with wide-tooth comb. Then, applied manshanu and covered it with a plastic cap and a towel. I left it on overnight. The manshanu was very creamy to the touch and smells like yogurt and butter. My scalp itched a little by the morning but my hair felt quite soft.

(2) Keeping my hair in the same sections, I rinsed out the pre-poo and washed once with Organic Root Salon Neutralizing Shampoo and once with Creme pf Nature Argan oil Shampoo.

The 'catch' method

The ‘catch’ method

(3) Tea rinse with green and black teas and hibiscus powder that was steeped overnight. I tried the “catch method” instead of using my spray bottle. I left it on for ~10 minutes and used a T-shirt to dry the excess for another 5 minutes.

(4) Applied Profectiv Mega Growth Deep Conditioner to my ends, edges and nape and Hairveda Sitrinillah all over my hair. Covered with a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer on high heat for 45 minutes.

(5) Rinsed with cool water in sections. T-shirt dry for 10 min. Applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Infusium 23) and detangled and applied Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage serum. I lost so little hair in the process. 🙂 More sections for the win!

(6) Roller set and dried with hooded dryer on medium heat for 1 hour.


(7) I moisturized my hair and braided most of my hair in box-braids. I left a small part out since I’m using a U-part wig.


This wash day went quite well. I was most pleased with the amount of hair I lost. It was so little. I think having more sections reduced the amount of tangles. Normally, I keep my hair in sections for just washing but when I do the tea rinse, I will remove the clips. This time, I kept the clips in the entire time and everything was separated. I’m quite excited about the wig. I’ll do an extensive review after I’m worn it for a while. I think the wig will help me get through my stretch. I won’t manipulate my hair as much and it will be left alone. 🙂 It’s pretty easy to take care of so this is nice. I plan to wash my hair every 1 – 2 weeks while I’m using the wig.

How was your wash day?


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 Image Source: Just Grow Already