Wash Day | My First Henna Experience

Wash Day 12012014What’s up people? As you can tell from the title, I finally did my henna treatment. My hair was due for some strengthening and I really wanted to try using henna. I read so many experiences and methods using henna. I finally settled on this method from Minimalist Beauty. It involves using coconut milk instead of water or tea to mix the henna. I modified it slightly by adding manshanu (ghee). When I decided to try this I knew that I didn’t want the henna to alter my hair color too much and I didn’t want to spend all day doing it. How did it go?? Keep reading to find out. SPOILER ALERT: It was messy!

(1) I placed my hair into 4 sections and applied a mixture of coconut and hemp seed oils. Then I detangled with wide tooth comb.

(2) I made sure to line my bathroom with newspaper before I started. I mixed 2 packs of Gordej Nupur Mehendi Henna (120 g total) with a 400 ml can of coconut milk. The mix was not too smooth but added hot water to help with the mixture.

Henna Powder
Henna Additives - Man Shanu and Coconut Milk

(3) I added manshanu to the mixture. I added about half of what I had which was 3 heaping tablespoons. The manshanu has an odd smell (like yogurt a bit) but it wasn’t spoiled. It felt very creamy. The henna mix was thick like cake batter.

Man Shanu Texture
ManShanu Texture
Henna Gloss Mixture

(4) Applied vaseline around my hairline and my ears to prevent the henna from staining my skin. I applied the henna mix with gloves and I used about 2/3 of the mix. It was far too much. I covered my hair with a bag kept for ~1 hour. I felt a slight tingle but it was not overly itchy.

Henna Gloss Application

(5) I rinsed it thoroughly with water. My shower looked like the aftermath of a mudslide. Since there was still left over residue, I shampooed 3x with diluted Crème of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo (with tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils) and once with ORS Neutralizing Shampoo. I washed so many times because I kept seeing orange streaks in the shampoo lather. I may have over done it. 🙁

(6) T-shirt dried for a few minutes and applied Hairveda Sitrinillah to my hair to restore moisture. I kept it on for 30 minutes without heat.

(7) Rinse with cool water and t-shirt dried for 15 minutes. Sectioned hair into 4 and applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Infusium 23. Then I detangled and it was terrible. My new growth really matted up. It took so long to detangle and I lost too much hair (in my opinion).

(8) Roller set and air dried overnight. My hair still wasn’t dry in the morning so I used my hooded dryer for 30 minutes on cool and medium heat for 30 minutes. It still wasn’t dry but I had to leave it like that so I wouldn’t be late.

Henna Gloss Results

My henna experience was an interesting one. I didn’t notice much strengthening. I did a small strand test on some shed hair and it stretched for quite a bit. My hair did change color slightly. The dye released even though I kept it on for such a short time. My hair feels dry and the moisture doesn’t last. I will continue with my co-washing and deep conditioning until I get my moisture levels back. My hair keeps tangling these days and I keep noticing some demarcation line breakage. 🙁 I’m considering relaxing my hair soon but I wanted to wait until January. So, I plan to do protective styles until I’m ready to relax my hair.

How was your last wash day?

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