30 Days of Water Challenge – Results

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30 days have passed and I finished the challenge. 😀 The first week took some getting used to. I was going to the restroom about every hour. However, I felt so much better and had more energy. Normally, when I get back from work, I had to lie down before I did anything else. My skin, especially my back, started breaking out a bit. I suspected that my body was purging some toxins. My skin also felt softer. By the third week, my body was getting pretty used to having water all the time. I would even get thirsty if I didn’t have my water at the right time. It was a bit difficult to drink so much water while I was at work because the air conditioning is at a low temperature. I would feel very cold and not likely to drink anything. The HydroCoach app helped me keep track of my goals and it gives targeted reminders based on how much water you currently had. I had another app that would remind me every 2 hours and it got very annoying. Recently, started drinking detox water with lemon and cucumber. I’m not a big fan of adding things to water but I heard about many benefits of detox water. I had to give it a shot. Currently, I drink it in the mornings.

Overall, this was a great challenge. I think it was the impetus for taking better care of my health. When I started this challenge, I wanted to improve my health and I hoped that it would help my eczema. My eczema has reduced but not because of the water. The cause was something I was using on my skin. I also didn’t notice any major difference with my hair. Maybe that will take more time. I plan to continue with my 3 liters a day. 🙂

How much water do you drink every day?