My Edges and Nape – November Update

Can you believe it’s already November? 2014 is coming to a close so quickly. I’m still doing my edge and nape challenge and I think things are going well.

Moisture: Moisturize and seal at least once per day.

For the most part, I moisturize and seal every day. My office tends to put the air conditioning very low. I suspect it dries my hair out since my  skin always feels dry at work. I recently started sealing with coconut oil since my grape seed oil went bad. (It started having a rancid odor. :sad:)

Protein: Layer a protein conditioner on my edges and nape before my moisturizing deep conditioner every other week.

I’m still using Profectiv Mega Growth Deep Conditioner on my ends edges and nape. I use it when I’m not doing a protein treatment. I noticed some breakage at my ends lately

Reduce manipulation and tension

Currently, my hair is not in a long-term protective style and I don’t really wear my Creta Girl wig. I’m having issues blending the leave out. When styling, I usually do a pin and tuck style, ponytail, or bun.

Castor oil: Use castor oil on scalp for scalp massages at least 3 times a week, focusing on edges and nape

I’m using Lavender JBCO with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils on my scalp at least 3 times a week. I tend to use it on my edges more often.

Exercise and diet: Take vitamins consistently, continue Couch 2 5K program, improve diet

This is where I’m seriously slacking. I’m still taking my WellWoman Plus vitamins but I don’t take the biotin as much. I noticed a long hair coming out of my chin. I never used to grow hair there so I think it may be due to the biotin. I don’t want to join #BeardGang. My exercise routine has stalled. 🙁 Lately, I super tired after work so I tried working out early in the morning. That has also been a struggle. Fitness Friday is back so maybe I can get some ideas for motivating myself to exercise. I still haven’t found a place to run. 🙁

On to the pictures . . .


My nape is still doing well. I’m really proud of how well it’s growing. My edges are okay. I’m retaining some length there. Usually, when my new growth comes in, the relaxed part breaks off. It hasn’t been doing that. 🙂

How do you take care of your edges and nape?


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