Hair Musings #4

HAIR MUSINGSHappy Thanksgiving to my American readers! I hope you’re having a great time with family and friends. It’s been a while since I did a hair musings post. Here’s what’s happening with my hair.

My hair is doing alright. I’ve been consistently following my regimen for about 6 weeks now. One thing that really helped me is putting everything on a calendar so that I can see what I’ve done and what I plan to do. It makes it really clear. Also, the blog has helped too. It makes me actually wash my hair consistently because I want to have a Wash Day Experience post ready. 🙂 I’ve noticed better moisture retention. My new growth usually has issues with dryness but it has improved. Thumbs up for consistency!


There is less breakage at the ends. I still see some but it has improved a bit. I also noticed some demarcation line breakage. There’s some portions at my crown where there is justProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset new growth. As soon as I noticed it, I developed a plan. I needed a way to ensure my new growth is moisturized. So, I diluted some Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and Transitioning Milk with some braid spray. Each time I moisturizer, I spray this mix on my new growth. It really softens up but it tends to build up. I tend to be a bit heavy-handed so I need to try and use less.

I finally got my Hairveda Sitrinillah. 😀 I wanted to try Sitrinillah FOREVER and it was sold out when I was in the US. I’m happy I was able to get it here and it’s about the same price what it is in the US. The verdict is still out on this conditioner but so far so good. My product stash is coming down s l o w l y. I plan to do an “empties” post in January. What do you think of ’empities’ posts/vlogs? 

Speaking of products, I plan to do my very first henna gloss next wash day. I’ve done a bunch of research on it so I hope it goes well. I had a not so great experience with ayuverdic powders in the past. I am quite hopeful that it will go better this time around.

The henna I plan to use

The henna I plan to use

I’m getting a bit bored with roller sets all the time. Usually this boredom would lead me to braiding or something similar. These days, however, I want to salvage my edges so no braids. As a consolation prize, I want to try something with perm rods. I wanted to try curlformers but I am a bit on the fence about them. I still haven’t gone to Balogun market to look for them. I will gladly accept donations. 😀

At NITC 9 last week, Adura spoke about healthy living and eating well in Nigeria. This talk and the water challenge motivated me to consider my health. I decided to do a Jillian Michaels work out (Shred it with Weights). I am so very sore! I need to do better with my exercise and diet. I just started working out again and I’ve done three workouts so far. 🙂 I usually work out in the morning before work.  I ordered a scale to know my weight. I haven’t weighed myself for about 5 – 6 months (I’m not sure.)

What’s going on with you and your hair?


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