First Thoughts: Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I finally got the Hairveda Sitrinillah Hair Masque.


I was very excited to try it based on some of the reviews I read. Last week, I got my chance when I did my weekly co-wash. Here are my first impressions.

  • It has a really nice fragrance (orange and vanilla). It reminded me of a Creamsicle. I don’t know the Nigerian equivalent to it. The scent isn’t strong or overpowering.
  • It looks very creamy.
  • The conditioner felt a bit oily. It has much more oil than I am used to and I usually add oils to my conditioners.
  • It penetrated into my hair but my hair felt a bit greasy before rinsing.
  • My hair felt SUPER soft and moisturized after rinsing. My hair was so easy to detangle. I don’t think it has ever felt this soft. The softness lasted while I styled. Usually, my hair starts to feel a bit dried as I’m styling it. With this conditioner, my hair felt really moist the entire time I was styling it.

Note: I used this masque after co-washing with heat (hooded dryer) for 45 minutes.

So far, I’m quite impressed with it. I’m especially impressed with how soft my hair felt after using it. I need to use it a few more times before I can give a final assessment. So far, so good.

Have you tried this conditioner before? Liked it? Hated it?