Wash Day

What’s up, everyone? Hope you’re well. My wash day was okay. My hair got ruined by the rain. Lagos, why is it still raining at the end of October? I’m so confused. I don’t have any pics of my hair this week. Sorry. Here’s what went down:

(1) After sectioning my hair into 4, I applied hemp seed oil and coconut oil. Then, I detangled with a wide-tooth comb.

(2) Applied my pre-poo mixture of Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol and Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner, Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment conditioner, olive oil, and honey to each section and covered with cling film. I left it on for an hour with heat.

(3) Washed twice with Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo. My hair was very smooth and detangled. 🙂 I think I like this shampoo better than Shea Moisture.

(4) Tea + coffee rinse with green tea and black tea (steeped for 4 hours), 2 teaspoons of instant coffee (Nescafé) + 1 teaspoon of glycerine.

(5) Applied Profectiv MegaGrowth Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner to the ends of my hair, edges, and nape. Then, I applied my deep conditioner mix of Keracare Humecto, Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment, olive and castor oils all over my hair. Wrapped with cling film and kept this on for an hour with heat.

(6) Rinsed out DC with cool water and did an ACV rinse. Then, I rinsed it out with cold water. I planned on doing a clear rinse and I wasn’t sure how the vinegar would affect the process. Towel dried

(7) Applied my clear rinse and covered my hair with cling film. I kept this on for 30 minutes with heat. Rinsed and dried with a t-shirt for 20 minutes

(8) Applied leave-ins: Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Infusium 23, Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner, and Mane n’ Tail detangler. Then, detangled with 2 combs.


(9) Roller set and dried with my hooded dryer for an hour.

My hair felt odd after I took down the rollers. It felt like there was some coating on it. I may have used too much honey because my hair had a funny feeling. Back in 2013, I would put honey in my deep conditioner and it would leave a coated feeling on my hair. The feeling could be attributed to the honey, the serum, the leave-ins or the combination. My hair felt pretty moisturized, even though it got rained on. The moisture lasted for almost 2 days. I noticed that my scalp is doing much better. No more flakes. I guess the neem oil worked. 🙂 Effective but stinky. I’ve noticed some breakage when I moisturize my hair. It usually occurs in my crown area and there are some terrible split ends there. I don’t think I’ve being too rough with my hair. I’m unsure what it needs. I did a protien treatment recently and that didn’t seem to help. I also moisturize often. My plan is to increase my co-washing so that I can add more moisture. I will also trim any split ends that I see. The breakage seems to happen and the demarcation point between my bone straight and texlaxed portions of hair. The texlaxed portions at my crown have much more texture than the rest of my hair.

How do you tackle breakage? Have you had breakage at your crown?

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