My Edges and Nape – October Update

I’m still doing my edge and nape challenge even though I haven’t done a full update in a while. Things are going well. 🙂

Moisture: Moisturize and seal at least once per day.

I moisturize at least every other day. It truly depends on how my hair feels at the time.

Protein: Layer a protein conditioner on my edges and nape before my moisturizing deep conditioner every other week.

For my past two wash days, I used Profectiv Mega Growth Deep Conditioner on my ends, edges and nape. I haven’t noticed a difference but I think it keep doing it for a bit longer.

Reduce manipulation and tension

Currently, my hair is not in a long-term protective style. I just started wearing my wig from time to time. When styling, I usually do a pin and tuck style and it isn’t tight.

Castor oil: Use castor oil on scalp for scalp massages at least 3 times a week, focusing on edges and nape

I’m using Lavender JBCO with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils every other day. Recently, I noticed some flaking (dandruff) near the front of my scalp. Using this mix (along with some other things) helped reduce the flakes. 🙂

Exercise and diet: Take vitamins consistently, continue Couch 2 5K program, improve diet

I’m still taking my WellWoman Plus vitamins and 1000 mcg of biotin. I was considering taking one of the popular hair vitamins. I noticed they are usually biotin heavy so I conducted a mini experiment. I increased the amount of biotin to 2000 mcg, which is far less than the vitamins I was considering. Some of them have 10,000 mcg of biotin 😯 After 2 days of my increased biotin, I started breaking out. That was the perfect sign to stop. I started exercising again but I haven’t been that consistent with it and my diet is adequate but not great. Running has gone out the window since I got back to Nigeria. It’s not so safe to run in my neighborhood. 🙁 Any good places to run in Lagos or Abuja?

Is a picture worth a thousand words (or at least a few hundred)? Let’s find out.



My nape is coming along quite well. My edges are okay too. I noticed some decent improvement while looking through my older photos. This challenge is working. 🙂

How do you take care of your edges and nape?


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