Beauty Africa Conference 2014


Beauty, hair, and skincare experts took Lagos by storm this week for the first Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference. The program included lectures, live demonstrations, and an exhibition of several goods and services. I went on the Hair Care Day and I saw 3 lectures. (Well, actually more like 2.5 lectures)

The first lecture I attended was by John Ojukwu, Master Stylist Educator. He discussed proper usage of chemicals, styling and cutting. He also discussed good hair care techniques. I appreciated when he mentioned relaxing hair to 75%. He said relaxing to 100% would be too much and a stylist would be able to complete the straightening with heat alone. He also showed that a roller wrap method could get hair just as straight and bouncy as a blow-out. He did his demonstration with a model and we got to feel her hair. Obviously, I passed that opportunity.

Ugo Igbokwe of Make Me Salon was the next speaker. He lectured on innovation and creativity in hair styling. This lecture wasn’t so interesting for me because I’m not a hair stylist. It was particularly directed to them. The last lecture I saw was by Aislynn Adewale AKA The Hair Whisperer of Nigeria. She spoke about the reasons why women are losing their hair. She focused the reasons to the Nigerian market. She mentioned how overuse and incorrect use of chemicals and extensions as well as medical conditions may lead to hair loss. Also, she said that as a stylist when you are continually working on someone’s hair, you would notice a difference in texture, thickness, etc. It’s partially up to stylists to know if something is wrong with a client’s hair.

There were several vendors marketing various hair and beauty products. There were also salons and spas there.





Overall, it was a nice conference but it isn’t targeted to someone like me. It mainly for hair stylists, salon/spa owners, shop owners. It think many of them would benefit from this type of event because it brings exposure and knowledge about the trade.

Did you attend the Beauty Africa Conference?