Wash Day

7 September 2014

September Themes-WashDayExp

If you follow The Wash Day Experience, you will know that there are themes for each week in September. This week’s theme is “Tried and True”. The thing that is Tried and True for me is a roller set. I do them ALL the time. After my relaxer, I wanted to go back to basics and do a roller set. My hair felt a bit coated and I didn’t deep condition the day of my relaxer. Here’s what happened.


(1) Sectioned hair into 4. Applied oil mix (grape seed + olive + coconut) and tea tree and eucalyptus (1 drop each) to scalp and massaged it in. I mentioned in my last wash day post that I saw some dandruff. This oil mix should help reduce it. It tingled a bit which was nice.

(2) Applied hemp oil to each section and detangled with wide tooth comb. Then, applied a mixture of Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol and Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner, Vatika oil, Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment conditioner, olive oil, and honey to each section and covered with cling film and a towel. I kept this on for 30 minutes without heat.

(3) Rinsed out pre-poo and shampooed 2x with ORS Professional Neutralizing shampoo. For each time I shampooed, I let the lather stay on my head for about 2 minutes to make sure the ph was low and it had enough time to chelate any minerals left over from the relaxer.

(4) Sprayed green tea (steeped ~6 hours) on my scalp and hair and poured the excess on my head and allowed it to sit for about 10 minutes. I didn’t use black tea because I ran out of it. Time to stock up.

(5) Deep conditioned with a mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner + olive oil + castor oil. Then, I wrapped it with cling film + towel and allowed to sit for an hour. I use this conditioner as light protein conditioner to help add some strength after the relaxer.

(6) Rinsed out conditioner with cool water and followed with an ACV rinse. The odor was a bit strong so I rinsed with cold water afterwards.

(7) Dried with a T-shirt for 10 minutes. Sectioned hair into 4 and applied leave-ins (Infusium 23, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, and OGX (Organix) Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum) to each section and detangled with 2 combs.

After deep conditioning

After deep conditioning

(8) Roller set and air dry partially (about 3 hours). Finished off with dryer for 45 minutes


After taking out rollers

(9) Pin curled and covered it for the next day

My hair felt really nice after everything. My shedding appears to have decrease quite a lot from my last wash day. This makes me happy. I’m not sure why I was shedding so much before but I’m glad it calmed down a bit.

After washing, I could see and feel exactly where my hair was under-processed. I am considering a corrective relaxer for those sections. A corrective relaxer is usually done to correct under-processing from a previous relaxrer. Keeping the under-processed sections could lead to breakage due to handling multiple sections. I did one about 2 years ago and it turned out okay. What do you think about corrective relaxers? Overall this wash day went pretty well and my hair is doing fine. Now, how to deal with those underprocessed sections . . .

How was your wash day?

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