Sizzelle Hairline Challenge – Final Results

The Sizzelle Hairline Challenge has come to an end on 30 August 2014. I’m so glad I had an opportunity to participate. As a reminder, here are the rules.

Challenge Details

  • If you want to join me on this hairline challenge, leave a comment and your plan. Then, upload your starting picture with your comment. The challenge will run from 1st June to 30th August. There will be a monthly check-in where you will upload your update and routine. I will publish an update post where you can upload your pics.
  • If you’re on instagram, you can put up your starting picture and tag it with #sizzellehairlinechallenge
  • The person with the best improved hair line gets 3 months supply of Jamaican Black Castor Oil AND Castor Oil serum with argan oil.

Everyone who joins the challenge will receive a 5% discount coupon to shop for any oil in our store.


  • You have to join the challenge before the 14th of June. After that date, no more entries will be received.
  • Only open to people with a postal address in Nigeria.


You can check out my earlier updates here: June Update and July Update. I had some issues with my hairline when I took out my braids at the end of July. Did it get better in August? Let’s find out.

Moisture: Moisturize and seal at least once per day and ensure that edges and nape have been properly moisturized. Deep condition at least once a week. Partial Success! I moisturized my hair at least 4 times a week. Since I got back to Nigeria, my hair has felt so moisturized and soft. I didn’t want to over moisturize. I also deep conditioned my hair almost every week. I traveled recently and I didn’t bring all my hair products so I washed my hair later than usual.  

Reduce manipulation and tension: Use styles that reduce tension at these sensitive areas.  Success! I did not install any weaves or braids. My hair was left out and free. There was no tugging at my hairline. I pretty much did buns and ‘roll and tuck’ styles for the month. 

Castor oil: Use Jamaican Black castor oil for scalp massages at least 4 times a week, focusing on edges and nape. Partial Success! I used JBCO on my scalp about 3 times a week and 4 to 5 times a week on my edges.

Relaxer: My next relaxer will be in July (~12 weeks post) or August (~16 weeks post). I may not even relax my edges this time since they were relaxed the last time. No relaxer this month. My next relaxer may be at 5 months post and I doubt I will relax my edges.

Exercise and diet: Do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week.  Increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. Take my multivitamins daily.  Not a total failure. Since I got back to Nigeria, I’ve had a tough time kick starting my workouts. I had a few since I’ve been back but I’m not up to 3 times a week. I also don’t have a very conducive place to run anymore. 🙁 I do eat some fruits and I take my vitamin daily. I started taking Biotin (1000 micrograms) daily in July. To combat acne, I’ve increased my water intake to about 2 liters a day. 

My hairline feels better than it did during my last update. I think leaving my hair alone and moisturizing and strengthening when needed is the key. On to the pictures . . .

Do you notice any improvement?

This was a pretty fun challenge, even though I had some ups and downs. For me, hair challenges force me to be consistent and accountable. I look forward to seeing everyone’s results.

Did you take part in this challenge? How did you do?