Relaxer Update #3

a.k.a. “None too pleased”
Done: 3 September 2014 at 21 weeks and 2 days (~5 months) post relaxer

This update is a few days late primarily because I was initially very disappointed with the results. I was prepared to write this post as a full complaint about the entire relaxer process. I didn’t like how it turned out. There were some good points though. Here’s what happened.

Previous evening

  • Applied JBCO to scalp and moisturized hair with Shea Moisture Transitioning Milk
  • Detangled hair to make for easier parting was very gentle
  • Kept hair pinned in 4 sections to prevent new growth from re-tangling


Morning before leaving for salon

  • Based scalp with vaseline. I did a rough job because I was running late.
  • Coated previous relaxed each section with Roux Porosity Control Conditioner and olive oil.  Put coating on edges to prevent over processing and I also applied vaseline to the edges.


At salon

  • Scalp was based with oil and previous relaxed hair was coated with ORS Professional Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion
  • Relaxer was mixed and applied to my hair after being parted in 2 sections. The application started from the back of each section. I told the stylist to leave the edges until the very end. Then it was smoothed with back of comb. The entire process took 20 minutes.
  • My previously relaxed ends coated with ORS Replenishing Conditioner (from the kit) then rinsed. I liked that this was done to help furhter prevent relaxer run-off.
  • Then we did mid-relaxer protein treatment with Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor for 2 minutes and rinsed
  • Washed 2x with Creamy Aloe Shampoo and did an instant conditioning with ORS Replenishing Conditioner. Towel dried.
  • Applied moisturizer and sealed with coconut oil and their oil mix detangled.
  • Roller set using foam wrap dried with blow dryer. This really surprised me. I thought there would be a hooded dryer to fully dry my hair. Needless to say, the roller set came out terribly.
After I got back from the salon

After I got back from the salon

I went to a different salon than my last relaxer update so some of the techniques were a bit different. The relaxer application was fine but their roller setting needs some work. The extent to which the relaxer processed varied throughout my hair. It feels over processed/bone straight in the front of my hair where I have less density and finer strands and under processed in the middle and back sections where my hair is coarser and more dense. Like most people, I several textures and levels on density on my hair, so I notice some sections need more time to process than others. The salon did a good job with the relaxer application and some of their techniques but the smoothing process was off. Also, the stylist may not have realized how much new growth that I had. The roots closest to the scalp processed pretty well but there about 0.5 inch to 1 inch of unprocessed hair.

The day after the relaxer

The day after the relaxer

Right now, I’m feeling disappointed and disillusioned with my hair. I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Should I keep up with texlaxing? Should I relax my hair myself? Should I go natural? I need to take some time to figure out how to recover. For now, I plan to stretch for at least 4 months. By then, I would be able to make a good decision about what to do. I don’t know if I will go natural or not. I have some terrible memories of hair struggles when I went natural before. There wasn’t a huge natural movement like there is now. However, today, I know a TON about my hair and healthy hair practices so it may not be so bad.

I’m encouraged by how well my stretch went this time. It wasn’t as tough as my first 6 month stretch. A post is coming soon about what I learned during this relaxer stretch.

All in all, my hair is okay but it could be better. Soon, I will share how I plan to tackle this stretch. On another note, here’s a song that has encouraged me lately. Hope you like it too. 🙂


Do you stretch the time between relaxers? If so, how long do you stretch?