Recap of Le Revitalize Rendezvous 3

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“Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.”

That’s what I was thinking when I woke up the morning of the event. It was raining heavily throughout Abuja. I was hoping that the rain would subside when I was ready to go but it didn’t. 🙁 When I go there, I introduced myself to Farida of Lumo Naturals. She’s very warm and welcoming.

There were several vendors offering various hair, skin, and health products. You already know I bought something. (Post coming soon.) I spent a bit but it’s always good to support local businesses, right? 🙂  Lumo Naturals also offered snacks, fresh juice and other freebies to the attendees. The staff was also quite friendly. I didn’t get a treatment done but they were offering various discounted services.


There was a red carpet where the attendees had a chance to take photographs with Farida. I’m not one for pics but I had to snap up this opportunity.


Later, there were several brief talks centering around the theme “Why DIY?” The first speaker was Nana of Essence of Ladinah. She gave several reasons why one would like to “do-it-yourself”. One reason that resonated with me was that DIY methods give you an opportunity to understand your hair. DIY lets you use products safely and helps you to know what works for your hair. It arms you with information to help you along your hair journey.


The next speaker was Kiki of Keek’s Pharmacy. She shared some tips for making smoothies using locally sourced fruits and vegetables. She also discussed how your physical health affects the health of your hair. Ameera from The Nail Bar was the 3rd speaker and she discussed DIY methods for moisture retention. She shared her hair journey and how she found DIY products and methods for retaining moisture. The last speaker was NaturalMane who also spoke about your physical health and hair.

Several ladies attended the event but I think many more were deterred from coming because of the weather. Overall, I enjoyed the event and I left well-informed. If you have an opportunity to attend a hair meetup, I would highly recommend it.