30 Days without Split Ends Challenge – Update

This is more like a 45-day challenge because this post is a smooth 15 days late. Sorry. I entered this challenge to keep my ends healthy. I developed a plan of action and here’s where I let you know how I did.


Moisture, moisture, moisture

I was pretty consistent with keeping up with my moisture levels. My hair was really moisturized right before my relaxer. I slacked a bit for the last two weeks because I hardly moisturized and I didn’t wash my hair for a long time. Ceramide packed oils were also a part of the plan. I used grape seed oil for sealing and hemp oil for my pre-poo. They both make my hair very smooth but I notice my hair is smoother when I use hemp oil. I want to use it to seal but it has an odor that I find a bit off-putting. Partial success

Don’t forget the protein

I’ve increased the amount of protein that I use in my regimen. At the end of August, I noticed that my hair was really soft and almost had no structure. So, I did a protein treatment to help strengthen it. For my last wash day, I used a protein based conditioner on my ends to help keep them strong. Success

Dusting monthly

I didn’t dust my ends this month and a half. I’m still shaky about dusting but I know I need it. I will attempt it the next time I roller-set my hair. Fail

Using End Papers for roller sets

I have tried using the end papers and I’m still getting the hang of it. It’s a bit cumbersome to use them. Partial success

Limit direct heat

No direct heat used. Success

I kept up with the plan moderately well. However, I noticed a few split ends. (about 3 or 4) It’s definitely not as bad as it has been in the past. My hair is still pretty thick all the way through to the ends. I really need to dust my ends soon so I can keep it up.

How you do prevent split ends?