Wash Day

How are you? This wash day post was supposed to come last week but I traveled and my internet wasn’t working. So, I was incommunicado for about a week. I got some good Oha soup though. Yum yum in my tum. My goal for this wash day was to return to the basics and get some moisture in my strands. The past few wash days I was experimenting with some new products and my hair was none too pleased. Since I was back in Abuja with my usual hair products, I was ready to go. Here’s how it went.


(1) Pre-poo: Sectioned hair into 4 and coated each section with grape seed oil and detangled with a wide-tooth comb. Applied Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil conditioner, Vatika oil, Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment conditioner, castor oil and honey to each section. Then, covered with cling film for an hour.

(2) Shampoo twice with Crème of Nature Argan Oil shampoo

(3) Tea rinse with green and black teas (steeped about 2 hours). Allowed the tea to drip until damp, which took about 10 minutes

(4) Deep condition with Crème of Nature Intensive Conditioning treatment, Keracare Humecto, castor and olive oil for over an hour. (I lost track of time.)

(5) Rinsed out the conditioner with cool water then did an ACV rinse. T-shirt dried for about 10 minutes

(6) Sectioned into 4 and applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in & Infusium 23). Detangled in small sections with Mane n’ Tail detangler. Afterwards, applied Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir to each section.

(7) Roller set with end papers and air dried overnight. After removing the rollers, I put my hair in a bun.

My hair turned out nice, soft, and moisturized. While I was away, my hair was so dry. I think a combination of the weather and improper deep conditioning were the cause of my moisture woes. Since it’s rainy season in Nigeria, the weather is very humid and there so much moisture in the air. My hair loves it (even though it frizzes a bit). Detangling went very well this time. I forgot how great the Mane n’ Tail detangler was. It really loosens up the tangles.

This was the first time I used end papers to roller set my ends. It was a tad cumbersome at first but I think I got the hang of it towards the end. I got a comment asking if my new growth reverted after the blow dry/roller set I got at the Dominican salon. I’m happy to say that it did. I wouldn’t advise doing it every week because it may lead to damage later. All in all, this wash day was good. I have moist hair again. 🙂

How was your last wash day?


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