Wash Day

Recently, I went to the US for a vacation. One of the last items on my checklist was have my hair done so I went to a Dominican salon in my sister’s neighborhood. When I was in university, many of my friends went to Dominican salons because you could get a decent wash and set for good price. We were college kids on a budget. 🙂 If you are unfamiliar with Dominican salons, check out the links and videos below.

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Keeping your hair healthy when visiting Dominican Salons [Relaxed Hair Health]

I went to the salon because I needed a trim. Most of the salons I’ve been to have always done a good job. Here’s what happened:

(1) Pre-poo using my oil mix (grape seed, olive, and coconut oils) and wheat germ oil. Detangled with wide tooth comb and left oils on for about 30 minutes.

I’m not sure what products they used for my hair but I saw Salerm and Linange products there.

(2) Shampooed 3x with clear shampoo. The shampoo looked like a clarifying one.

(3) Applied deep conditioner and covered with a plastic cap. Then I sat under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes.

(4) Rinsed out deep conditioner. Applied rinse-out conditioner and detangled with wide tooth comb.

(5) Rinsed conditioner and towel dried. Applied some leave-ins and roller set. The roller setting was so fast. I was shocked. It took less than 15 minutes. My roller sets take 4 times as long.

(6) Dry with hooded dryer for about 45 minutes. Removed rollers and trimmed about 2 inches. Blow dry roots and pin curl.


Overall, the wash day was very simple. I really liked how my hair turned out. My roots were really straight. I took the pin curls out and it looked really nice. However, humidity was not my friend and my hair frizzed up a few hours later. I’m happy I finally got a trim but I think I’m back to shoulder length. I plan to do a proper length check when I relax my hair Most (if not all) of my bone straight ends are gone. The goal is to keep my ends in check. I think it may be too late to join the Relaxed Thairapy and Just Grow Already’s 30 Days without Split Ends challenge but I will keep up with it in the meantime. How do you preserve your ends?

How was your last wash day?

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