30 Days without Split Ends Challenge


The 30 Days without Split Ends challenge was developed by Just Grow Already and Relaxed Thairapy to help reduce split ends.

I realize this is UBER late but Divachyk of Relaxed Thairapy said I could join so here we go.

Since starting my hair journey, I have issues with keeping my ends thick and healthy. I will get a trim and after sometime I will notice split ends and roughness. This challenge will help me with a plan to keep my ends in order. I just got a trim so I’m starting with fresh ends. Here’s my game plan.

Moisture, moisture, moisture

Dry hair breaks and split ends are a type of breakage. Maintaining moist hair is a major part of having healthy hair. Deep conditioning with moisturizing conditioners will help boost the moisture. Also, moisturizing and sealing my hair daily will help. I plan to oil my ends too. I still have some grape seed oil but I find it a bit light and my ends dry out a bit. I think grape seed oil in combination with the Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir will work well. It mainly consists of oils and I think it will be good for sealing.

Don’t forget the protein

Overly moist hair can also break so one must remember to use protein. When you should use protein is entirely up to your hair. Some use it twice a month and others use it less often. I plan to use a light to medium protein treatment on my ends every other wash day (if I’m using a moisturizing deep conditioner). My hair strands are fine to medium and tend to need protein than coarser textures.

Dusting monthly

Dusting is essentially a micro-trim and keeping up with it can help maintain healthy ends. I must admit that I haven’t keep up with dusting. This is mainly because I don’t have a method that works me. I want to try dusting after a roller set because that will get all the various sections of my hair. My hair has many different lengths (not on purpose). How do you dust your ends?

Using End Papers for roller sets

When I normally roller set, I just put the hair on the roller. After watching many YouTube videos, I noticed that some people use end papers, which help protect the ends. Since I normally do roller sets, I thought this would be a good way to prevent damage to my ends. Do you use end papers?

Limit direct heat

I don’t generally use direct heat so this will be pretty easy. Direct heat tends to dry out hair quickly. As I mentioned earlier, dry hair breaks, so limiting direct heat will reduce my chances of breakage.

Since I’m so late in joining this challenge, my update post will come around 15 September.


Are you part of this challenge? How do you keep split ends at bay?


Image Source: Just Grow Already