Sizzelle Hairline Challenge – July Update

The Sizzelle Hairline Challenge is going strong and there’s one more month left. I hope everyone is progressing well.

It is said that confession is good for the soul. I have a confession to make . . . my hairline isn’t doing too well. I kept up with the challenge for the most part but I think the braids I recently got did not help me at all. Right before I got them, a friend warned me that this may happen. However, I was stubborn and wanted to try it again. My edges aren’t as bad as the terrible setback that I had last year but they are a bit scanty. Don’t worry. I have evidence of my crime. 🙁 Here’s how I did with the challenge this month.

Moisture: Moisturize and seal at least once per day and ensure that edges and nape have been properly moisturized. Deep condition at least once a week. FAIL! Since my hair was in Senegalese Twists, I did not moisturize everyday but I did it at least 3 times a week. I did not deep condition when I washed my hair. 

Reduce manipulation and tension: Use styles that reduce tension at these sensitive areas.  FAIL! Towards the end of June, I got Senegalese twists done and had them in for most of July. The braids did not pull at my hairline during the install. However, my hairline is not faring so well. 

Castor oil: Use Jamaican Black castor oil for scalp massages at least 4 times a week, focusing on edges and nape. I used JBCO about 3 times a week so this could be a partial success.

Relaxer: My next relaxer will be in July (~12 weeks post) or August (~16 weeks post). I may not even relax my edges this time since they were relaxed the last time. No relaxer this month.

Exercise and diet: Do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week.  Increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. Take my multivitamins daily. SUCCESS! As I mentioned in my last Hair Musings post, I increased the amount I worked out to 3 times per week. My workouts involve running (Couch 2 5K) and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I also increased my fruit and vegetable intake by preparing smoothies. I started this about 2 weeks ago. I never really liked smoothies before but these smoothies are tasty. I usually use more fruit than vegetables but I have to start somewhere. 🙂 I also kept up with my vitamins and started taking biotin. 

Here are some comparison pictures of my hairline in May versus July. I’m not sure if the pictures capture the difference but I can definitely feel it. My only consolation is that my nape has improved. I’ve noticed some length retention since I started my edge and nape challenge earlier this year.


The front has some thinning too. :-(

The front has some thinning too. 🙁



For the final month, I’m going to step my game up. When I first got my edges back, I used Phro’s Hairline Challenge religiously. My first step is to use JBCO daily and make sure I moisturize my edges. I will also deep condition weekly and use protein to help strengthen the edges every other week. I am considering starting mid-week co-washing again because of my dry new growth. So I may deep condition or at least condition my edges twice a week. This incident has proven that I can’t have braids anymore if I want to have a full hairline. I just have to let it go. 😥

How do you protect your hairline?