Free at Last: How I took out my braids

Freedom has arrived! Freedom from braids that is. I took my braids out recently after keeping them in for about 5 weeks. I think they had a good run. Generally, I follow the same method to remove extensions and I usually do it myself. If you go to a salon to do it, please tell the stylist to be gentle.

Jenell at BlakIzBeautyful and Laila of Fusion of Cultures have good methods for taking out braids.

My method is pretty similar. I usually start at the back. However, if you don’t think you can finish in one day, start in the middle so the outer braids can cover the sections you remove.

[1] Take about 5 or 6 braids and cut them well below where your actual hair is. My hair is between shoulder and arm-pit length so I cut my braids around bra-strap length. This will ensure that you don’t cut your own hair in the process.

[2] Unravel each braid to the root. At the root, it may be a bit difficult to remove the extension hair from your hair. Place some oil at the to help lubricate the hair then remove the extension.

[3] Once the extension is removed, pull the section lightly to remove the shed hair. You can add some oil to ease the process. There may be some build-up at the base of the braid. To remove it, pull gently at the edge of the build-up until it breaks apart. Continue until all the build up is removed.

[4] After you removed all the extensions from the cut section, add oil to the section and detangle with a wide-tooth comb. I used coconut oil. Then twist the section and pin or clip it out of the way.

[5] Repeat steps 1 – 4 until you have taken out all the braids.

[6] Oil the hair one more time and detangle thoroughly. I do this the remove most the shed hair so that when I shampoo it won’t get too tangled.

You can wash your hair immediately after, if you have the strength. I didn’t have much left because I spent about 9 hours taking them out. 🙁 Since I planned to wash my hair the next day,I put some conditioner on my hair as a pre-poo and covered it up for the night.

What tips or tricks do you have for taking out braids or twists?