Wash Day

Have you been keeping up with The Wash Day Experience posts this month? Well, the posts in June have themes for each week. This week’s theme is “Air Drying Perfected”. Trust me, I have tried almost every type of air drying method under the sun. What works for me is roller setting. It’s the best method to stretch my texlaxed hair and new growth (9 weeks worth). I usually get pretty smooth results. Here’s how it went this week.

(1) Put my hair in 6 sections (2 in the back and 4 in the front) and applied Mane n’ tail detangler to each section. Then I detangled using 2 combs. I noticed that my hair was a bit tangled and dry this week. I felt like I lost more hair than usual before detangling. I’m not sure why. However, it has been over 10 days since I last washed my hair. 

(2) Prepoo with Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol Tea-Tree Oil Conditioner, Aussie Moist conditioner, honey, Vatika and olive oils. I covered my hair with cling film/plastic wrap and towel for 30 minutes

(3) Washed once with ORS Neutralizing Shampoo and once with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo. My hair felt quite smooth after washing with the Creme of Nature Shampoo.

(4) Towel dried and applied Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. Then, I covered with a plastic bag for 2 minutes and rinsed. My last protein treatment was about a month ago so it was time to do another one.

(5) Towel dried and applied a mix of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment, Keracare Humecto, olive oil and castor oil. I covered my hair with a plastic bag and a towel. I kept it on for 2 hours since I fell asleep.

(6) Rinsed out the conditioner mix thoroughly and then I did an ACV rinse. I didn’t rinse out the vinegar this time because I read that ACV helps to return the hair to its normal pH level. I felt rinsing again with water may raise it again slightly.


After ACV rinse and towel drying


(7) Towel dried and added leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Infusium 23). Detangled again. While detangling I noticed some matting at the roots. Then sealed with my new oil mix (coconut, olive, and grape seed oils) and sealed the ends with JBCO.

(8) Roller set and air dry overnight.





The wash day turned out quite well. My hair felt soft and well moisturized. My hair was so dry beforehand. The previous week, I was having such a tough time retaining moisture. I would moisturize daily (sometimes twice) and even baggy for a bit. My hair would feel soft and supple but by the next day it would feel so dry again. I am also concerned about the amount of hair I lost this wash. I don’t know why it’s happening but it is much more than normal. I will take more pictures next time to see if there’s any difference.

Top: Hair lost from 1st detangle, 2nd detangle, roller set (left to right) Bottom: Total hair lost

Top: Hair lost from 1st detangle, 2nd detangle, roller set (left to right)
Bottom: Total hair lost

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