My new protective style

Right now, I’m 11 weeks post and I have about an inch to 1.5 inches of new growth. I know I wouldn’t have time to relax my hair so I wanted to continue the stretch. However, when I’m this far along, I tend to play with my new growth. This can lead to breakage. So to prevent this, I put my hair away in Senegalese twists.

My reaction

My reaction to overzealous braiders

The braids are pretty long and they fall past my waist. They are pretty light since we only used two packs. The braider used X-pression Rich braid in color 2. It took about 6 hours because one person was braiding my hair. The braider was very nice and willing to listen when I complained. Usually I get so much grief from braiders for stating that they are braiding to tight. “Auntie, it won’t be fine o.” 😯

Braid Install Jun 24 2014

I plan to keep these in for about 5 – 6 weeks. I usually get bored after a month but I will try to push through. To maintain them, I will moisturize and seal every other day or daily (depends on how dry the weather/environment is) and wash every 2 weeks. I hope it turns okay.

What long-term protective style(s) do you like?


Image Source: @Freshalina Twitter