Hair Musings #2

How is it going people? I was so ready to start this post by complaining about the state of my hair. However, today it’s doing pretty well. For most May and the start of June, my hair was so dry. No matter how much I moisturized, baggy-ed, sealed, etc, it would not hold on to moisture. I was confused. The more moisture I would add, the less it would stay on my hair. 🙁  I decided to do a protein treatment with my last wash day. It was about a month since my last treatment which was the Aphogee 2-step. Since this recent protein treatment, my hair is soft and stays moisturized. When I moisturize and seal at night, my hair is still moisturized in the morning. Before, it would be dry like a desert. I was reminded of this infographic from Black Hair Information. It explains how protein can actually soften the hair. If my hair gets like this again, I know what to do.

How protein softens your hair Infographic

In an earlier post, I lamented on why my hair was breaking. I am happy to report that there is FAR LESS breakage now. 🙂 I still see some split ends, which is why I want to trim. (See my hair stats) Previously, my hair would break at the slightest touch. Now it doesn’t. There is some breakage though but it is so much better now.

I want to get a protective style very soon. I may get Senegalese twists. I’m thinking of going to Lumo Naturals. Farida, the owner, spoke at Capital Naturals 3 and she is very knowledgeable about African hair. I believe her salon will be a good place to go. Have you been there? What was your experience?


I recently got some new hair products. If you read this blog regularly, you know how I feel about the Organics conditioner. The Beautiful Textures Leave-in is a prize that I won from Ghanaian Emprezz. It looks like it is a good product. Have you used it before?


Image Sources:, Pintrest