Hair Musings #1

My hair is troubling me lately. I get so frustrated with it sometimes. Sometimes the frustration grows so much that I want to shave it off and start over. Unfortunately, I have an odd shaped head and a low cut (TWA) is not cute for me. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

Animal feels my pain.

Animal feels my pain.

I don’t hate it and I’ve made progress. However, it’s so annoying sometimes. My hair is very dry and rough feeling. I deep condition all the time but it’s still crispy. Also, it’s not retaining length as well as it used to. I know the main culprits: poor diet, stress, not following my regimen to a Tee. I think my hair woes come from some outside stressors too. I’ve noticed some demarcation breakage at my crown. It’s especially bad where the bone straight and texlaxed portions meet. After pondering about it, I believe it’s due to the fact that I don’t moisturize that section as well as the others and it gets super dry. (Something to work on . . . )

I think I want to put in a protective style with braids. The weather has been very, very hot. Any time I go outside during the day, my hair just dries up. I’ve been staying on this edge and nape challenge but I haven’t seen the greatest results because of the poor habits. At times, it feels like a punishment not to braid my hair. My edges are growing back slowly but surely. I’m hoping to retain length. It seems each time I retouch my hair the edges disintegrate. I really want to try long (waist or tail-bone) Senegalese twists.


It may be possible if I leave my hairline out and don’t add too much hair to each braid/twist. Do you know of any reasonable braiders in Abuja? Lumo Naturals looks like a good option. I may reach out to them via twitter or another means soon.

Capital Naturals is having a meet-up next weekend. The theme is “Healthy Hair Now”. CapNaturals3Since I’ll be in town, I hope to attend. Hopefully, it will help shake away my hair blues. Have you ever been to a hair meet-up? This would be my first one. Are you planning to attend?

How is your hair today? Do you ever get frustrated with it?


Image sources: Reaction GIFs, BlackGirlLongHair, Natural Nigerian Twitter