Wash Day – The time my flat iron died

This is my first wash day after my relaxer. My hair felt dry and a bit rough so my plan was to chelate and infuse moisture. Lately, my hair is a bit dry but I have used moisture almost each wash day. I’ve also brought back co-washing to help with the moisture issues. My hair is improving so yay! I also planned to do a length check but that didn’t really pan out. (You’ll see why later.)  Here’s how it went down.

(1) Detangled hair in sections with wide-tooth comb.

(2) Pre-poo (olive oil, Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs, and honey) with heat for 30 minutes

ClarifyChelate(3) Washed 2x with diluted Organic Root Salon Neutralizing shampoo (similar to ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo). I left the shampoo on for 2 minutes each time to ensure proper chelating. To learn more about chelating for relaxed hair, here are some great articles

(4) Did a tea rinse with black and green tea that steeped about 9 hours. I kept the tea on my hair for 10 minutes, until it stopped dripping.IMG_1806

(5) Deep conditioned with Keracare Humecto and “steamed” my hair for 30 minutes. I used a wet towel, plastic bags, and my hooded dryer for the steaming. Here are some posts on how to steam your hair without a steamer: How To Make Your Own Hair Steamer – Black Girl Long Hair  and  How to Steam Your Hair… Without a Steamer – Naturally Curly

(6) I allowed my hair to cool for 10 minutes then rinsed with cool water. Towel dried and applied Roux Porosity Control and Conditioner. I left it on for a minute and then rinsed with cool water again.

(7) Dry with t-shirt for 20 minutes. Applied leave-ins (Infusium 23, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, and Carol’s Daughter Chocolat smoothing blow dry cream)IMG_1812

(8) Blow dried with medium speed and heat using tension method. My hair felt soft afterwards, except the ends. 🙁

(9) Applied ORS heat protection serum to hair and attempted to flat iron. However, my flat iron died in the middle of process.

While I was working on the back left section, I noticed that the iron kept switching off. I’m not sure why but I think it may be due to the electricity in my house. Eventually, the iron switched off for good. I don’t think it can be resurrected so rest in peace little guy. I’ve had that iron for about 5 years and it has endured. I don’t use it that often so I won’t miss it that much. However, I may get another one eventually. Do you have any suggestions on a good model?


(10) Since I could no longer flat iron, I used the comb attachment of my blow dryer (medium heat and speed) to blow dry sections. I did a length check using a tape measure. This will give me a baseline to see if I’m retaining length.

This wash day was quite simple (minus the mishap with my flat iron). My hair feels good. This is my first time using Keracare Humecto and so far so good. I’m also glad I used the Roux Porosity Control directly (not mixed like I normally do). My hair felt really smooth afterwards. 🙂

I did notice some issues with my scalp, particularly in the front part of my head. It’s flaky and itchy. I normally don’t have dryness or dandruff with my scalp. I think it’s coming from the relaxer I used. This happened to me once when I used the ORS No-lye relaxer in  super strength (pre-HHJ). It was way too strong for my hair. The next week, my scalp was flaking all over. That time I used Neutrogena T-Gel and it worked. I may use Apple Cider Vinegar or another dandruff shampoo. What do you use to help your scalp?

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