Wash Day & Weave take down

It seems like it has been FOREVER since I did a proper wash day post. The last one I did was in January. 🙁 I finally took my weave out after almost 7 weeks. I do not want to keep hair in that long again. Currently, I’m 9 weeks post. This is how everything went.

(1) I went to a local salon to get my weave taken down.  The stylist was not as gentle as the last one I went to. My weave was also matted in the back which made it more difficult to remove. After the braids were taken out, she combed it with a wide-tooth comb. Then, she put it into a bun and I went home. Some areas of my scalp were a bit tender and I’m not sure why. (The pain was gone a few days later.)

(2) After I got home, I sectioned my hair into 4 and further divided each section. I applied Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my scalp and massaged it in. Then, I applied Vatika oil and olive oil to each section for a pre-poo. I twisted each section, covered my hair with a plastic bag and my towel turban. Then I left it overnight.

(3) The next morning, I detangled my hair with 2 combs. I wanted to really make sure that I removed most of the shed hair before I got any water on my hair. If I didn’t detangle well, then my hair would be terribly tangled and it would be terrible. I think I got most of the shed hair out.

(4) Washed 3x with diluted ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. My scalp had some build up on it and I wanted to make sure all of it was gone.  My hair felt very clean and a bit stripped.

(5) Towel dried. Then, I applied Aphogee Keratin 2 min Reconstructor on edges, nape and ends. I wanted to strengthen those parts of my hair. Next, I applied a deep conditioner mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner + Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment + Olive oil + Vatika Oil + Castor Oil. Covered with a plastic bag and left on for 1 hour with heat.


(6) Rinsed very well warm water and towel dried for 15 minutes, applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in + Infusium 23) in sections. Sprayed each section with Mane N’ Tail detangler. Detangled with 2 combs and applied CHI Silk Infusion to each section. The detangling process was quite easy. I think it was because I removed most of the shed hair before washing.

(7) Roller set while watching Suits and dried for an hour with hooded dryer. [Sidebar: How come no one told me how good Suits is? I just started Season 3 and I’m way too into this show.]

(8) Once my hair was dry, I flat ironed the roots and dusted the ends. My ends were quite shaky so I had to do a small dusting.


This wash day was not too bad. The last time I took out a weave and washed my hair, it was long and difficult. I was really concerned that my hair would be in bad shape because I was not taking the best care of it. However, it surprisingly okay and not too bad.

I am not sure what I want to do with my hair next. I plan to relax my hair in about 3 weeks. I really want to braid my hair but I’m on a braid ban this year. 😕 I don’t want to put another weave in just yet since I’m going to relax very soon. Part of my hair goals for this year is to learn to do more styles with my hair. I may try to do something beyond a bun. I’m not sure how it will turn out because this Lagos humidity doesn’t help me keep a style. Do you have any ideas for me? Please leave a comment.

How was your last wash day?