Getting my edges and nape back in 2014

2014Jan-001Since the dawn of time (or the start of this blog), I’ve complained about the state of my edges. In fact, the reason why I started focusing on my hair is that I was tired of my scanty, sparse edges. My nape is another case. I never really had an issue with my nape before. The only incident I can remember was the first (and last) time I got micro braids. When I took out the braids, my nape went along with it. After that, it grew back pretty quickly, which is surprising since I had no clue about healthy hair practices at the time. Now, my nape has completely broken off and I don’t understand why. My nape is just my new growth from the past few months. I need to get my edges and nape back. The rest of my hair is doing far better but these sections are struggling.

As part of my 2014 hair goals, I want to grow my edges, the front part of my hair and my nape healthy and strong. Here are some facts about my edges and nape:

  • The hair is very fine and delicate. My edges are the most delicate and sensitive sections of my hair, followed closely by the nape
  • My edges cannot withstand too much tension, pulling or anything too extreme. Sometimes, I think if you look at it too hard, they just disappear
  • The front part of my hair has a much looser, finer texture than the back two-thirds. It is far more prone to breakage. Plus, I usually style it in a bun and I may be too rough in my handling. That can also cause breakage
Hairline January 2014
Bangs January 2014
Nape January 2014

Game Plan

Moisture: Moisturize and seal at least once per day. I’m using Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Creamy Hair Lotion as my moisturizer. I also use ORS HaiRepair Intense Moisture Creme but I prefer the Cantu hair lotion. I normally seal with grape seed oil or coconut oil. Add more deep conditioning by having a mid-week deep conditioner treatment with heat, if hair is not in a protective style.

Protein: In addition to my monthly protein treatment, I will layer a protein conditioner on my edges and nape before my moisturizing deep conditioner every other week. I already use protein based products and my hair seems to be doing well.

Reduce manipulation and tension: Braid or flat twist the nape across and keep it out of buns or other protective styles. No more tension from buns. No more super slick edges with brushes and hard gels. If installing another weave, leave out the edges and nape. No braids! *tears*

Castor oil: Use castor oil on scalp for scalp massages at least 3 times a week, focusing on edges and nape

Relaxer: When relaxing, I will save edges and nape for the very last step. This will ensure that they will have minimal exposure to the chemical.

Exercise and diet: I started the Couch to 5K program (again). This is the third or fourth time I’m doing it. When I started my hair journey, I was running/exercising, eating pretty well, and taking my vitamins. My hair was flourishing. I think the combination of exercise and diet helped my hair to grow and retain length from the inside. Hopefully, it can work again.

I will be on this quest throughout this year. I will check in around the 10th of every month to see my progress. Wish me luck!