Wash Day & Weave Take down

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time. (Sorry). I finally took my weave down and washed my hair. Trust me, it was a serious endeavor. Right now, I’m at 24 weeks post relaxer. Here’s what went down.

(1) I went to a salon to get my weave taken down. It was a relatively simple process. I prefer to get my extensions removed at a salon. The first time I tried taking it out myself, I ended up cutting off a chunk of hair. 🙁 The stylist was pretty gentle with my hair. After the braids were taken out, she combed it with a wide-tooth comb. Then, she put it into one braid and I went home.

(2) Once I got home, I sectioned my hair into 4 and further divided each section. I applied coconut oil to each section and combed again with a wide-tooth comb. I really wanted to make sure that most of the shed hair was gone. After detangling, I twisted each section,  wrapped my hair with a scarf, and went to bed.

(3) I left my hair alone for most of the following day. My scalp was a bit tender, particularly at the crown. In the evening, I set out to start my wash process.

(4) Pre-poo with Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs + Honey for 1 hour without heat.

(5) Washed with Crème of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo (2x)

(6) Towel dried, deep conditioned with Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment. Covered my hair with a plastic bag and left it on for 20 minutes without heat. This is the first time I used this conditioner. My hair didn’t feel moisturized at first (immediately after rinsing). However, the following day, my hair felt so soft and moisturized. I was impressed. I need to use it a few more times before I can make my final opinion. At first use, so far so good.

(7) Rinsed with cool water, dry with t-shirt for 20 minutes, applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in + Infusium 23) in sections. Sprayed each section with Mane N’ Tail detangler. Detangled with 2 combs and sealed with grape seed oil. It took FOREVER to detangle. It was horrible.

(8) Tied edges down with a scarf and put the rest in a loose bun. Covered full head with another scarf and left to air dry overnight.

(9) The next morning, my hair still wasn’t dry so I dried it (using the tension method) with my blow dryer on cool.

(10) Finally I put my hair in a bun and added Expressions braiding hair to the bun. I found this method useful: How To: FAUX SYNTHETIC BUN


This wash day was LENGTHY. I had so much shed hair; it freaked me out a little. I realize my hair was hidden for 5 weeks but it still alarmed me. I am still finding shed hair everywhere.


Top: Hair that was combed out immediately after weave removal. Bottom: Hair that was combed out after washing.

With all that shed hair comes so many tangles. I am almost 6 months post relaxer so I have a lot of new growth. The shed hair seems to get stuck in the new growth, which causes it to tangle. I think it’s time to end this stretch. I am quite proud that I made it this far but I don’t think I will stretch this long anymore. At most, I will stretch to about 12 weeks. I can handle that much. Next week, I will do a hard protein treatment so that I can prepare my hair for the relaxer.

How was your last wash day?