Wash Day

I’ve had my weave in for about 10 days now. My scalp was so itchy. I’m used to washing my hair once a week and I’m used to having my scalp be free. To help relieve the itches, I decided to follow my advice and wash my weave (and scalp). I basically did exactly what EbonyCPrincess and Tommie of Hairdelacreme demonstrated in their Youtube videos.

Here’s what I did.

(1) Wet hair thoroughly. Using an applicator bottle, applied diluted shampoo (Crème of Nature Argan Oil shampoo) to my scalp and massaged it in. I also applied the shampoo to the extension hair.

(2) Rinsed hair and soaked excess water with a towel. Using the same applicator bottle, I applied diluted Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol Tea-tree conditioner + ORS Replenishing Conditioner. Then, I covered my hair with a plastic bag and kept it on for 15 minutes.

Left: Hair immediately after shampooing. Right: Hair after detangling

Left: Hair immediately after shampooing. Right: Hair after detangling

(3) Rinsed hair and dried with a towel. I detangled the extension hair with a wide-tooth comb and an Afro pick. Then, I left it to air dry.

Combs that I used to detangle.

Combs that I used to detangle.

By the following morning, my real hair still wasn’t fully dried. I used my blow dryer on medium to completely dry it. Then, I sprayed my moisturizer mix on my real hair. The mix has African Pride Braid Spray, Infusium 23, glycerine, Vatika Oil, and water.

I am so glad I washed my hair. The itchiness reduced so much. It was so bad before that I was considering taking it out. I normally don’t like wearing weaves because of the limited access to my scalp. My major concern was that the extension hair would tangle when I wash it. In fact, the opposite happened. Most of the tangles disappeared, even as I wet the hair. PRO-10 hair is very hydrophilic (likes water) and behaves much better when wet. My scalp and hair are renewed. 🙂

Do you have a routine for washing your weave? What do you do?