Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge – Month Two Update

hairlista-castor-oil-challenge-8I’m still going strong (maybe?) with the Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge. As I mentioned last time, I am on the Advance Level.

Advance Level Details: Apply Castor oil to your scalp every other day. Use sparingly. Massage it in. Focus on Damaged areas. Apply 1 tsp of castor oil to your deep conditioner weekly with heat. Rinse thoroughly.

This month was not as successful as the first month. I was quite inconsistent with the scalp massages. I checked my Evernote records and I only did them 9 times. For a month, it should be 201311231closer to 15 – 16 times. However, I was consistent with adding castor oil to my deep conditioner. I did that each time. This month was a bit tough because I started a new job, which has been a bit of an adjustment. It has been tough for me to get a routine down. Things are settling down a bit so I think this last month of the challenge will be better. I am running low on Jamaican Black Castor oil so I may order some soon. My hair has felt soft lately, especially my new growth. I did a mini length check and it seem like my hair is growing.

Right now, my hair is in a sew-in weave. It’s a bit difficult getting the oil to my scalp. I plan to keep the weave in for about 5 weeks so it should come out towards the end of the challenge. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see some results.

Are you doing the Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge? How is it going for you?



Image Source: Hairlista