Protective Style: Weave with Sensationnel PRO-10 Deep Curl

I have mentioned before that I really needed to do some sort of protective style. I really wanted to do another braid install but I knew my edges would hate me for it. So, I decided to get a weave. I haven’t really had any bad experiences with weaves. Only the time when I tried to take it out myself and I accidentally cut off a chunk of hair. I haven’t had a weave for over a year and a half. I figured it would be a decent protective style.

First, I had to decide what hair to use. The last weave I had, I used IndiRemi by Bobbi Boss, which I think is great hair, but I have never seen it here in Nigeria. I have had a decent experience with PRO-10 hair so I figured I would use that again. I went to Balogun Market (first time) to find it. I was actually looking for the Loose Deep version but I couldn’t get it in the color I wanted. So, I settled for the Deep Curl. It looked much curlier than I normally like. In fact, this is the curliest hair I’ve ever installed.

After my last wash day, I went to a salon around here to install the hair. The stylist was very gentle with the braiding and the install. I was all ready to yell and shout if she started tugging at my hair too much. Very pleased. This was a full install (no hair left out). I think it turned out pretty well. The hair looked very shiny when it was first put in but as I keep it in, it’s looking better. The curls have dropped a bit so it looks nicer.

weave with Sensationnel Pro-10 Deep Curl

I plan to keep this in for about 5 weeks. That will be right at the end of the year (December 28). I think I will relax my hair soon after that. I will try to wash my hair every 10 days or so just to keep everything clean.  Also, I’ve been spraying my own hair with moisturizer (African Pride Braid Spray + Infusium 23 + glycerine + water) so it won’t get too dry. I hope it goes well. Wish me luck.


What do you do when you install a weave?