Wash Day

Hi, everyone! Hope all is well. Right now, I’m 14 weeks post relaxer and my new growth is reigning with a vengeance. My hair has been super dry. It feels like Ashy Larry’s elbow, knuckles, ashylarrybody looks. The weather here in Abuja is very hot and dry; me thinks the dry season is upon us. (Well, I’m not so sure. As I’m writing this, there is a heavy downpour in Abuja and it rained last night too. I am confused about this weather.) I have to adjust my regimen slightly to keep my hair on my head (and not on the floor). This is how my wash day went.

(1) Sectioned hair into 4, applied detangling mix to each section and detangled each section with a wide tooth comb.

(2) I coated each section with Vatika oil. Then, I did a pre-poo with Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs + olive oil + honey for about 30 minutes with heat.

(3) Washed with diluted mix of ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo + Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo (2x). I usually clarify every 4 weeks. I used a mixture of shampoos because my hair felt like it had too much build up. My hair and scalp felt really clean after the wash.

(4) Applied Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor for about 2 minutes and rinsed with cool water. I also do a protein treatment every 4 weeks. It’s easy for me to remember that when I clarify, I have to do a protein treatment.

(5) Towel dried, deep conditioned with a mix of Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner, Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil conditioner, Pantene Moisture Therapy conditioner, Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditioner, castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil). Covered my hair with a plastic bag and left it on for 1 hour with heat (electric heating cap). I didn’t use glycerine in my mix this time because the weather is so dry.

(6) Rinsed with cool water, towel dried, applied Clairiol Professional Jazzing Temporary Color in Clear (#10). Covered my hair with a plastic bag and left it on for 30 minutes with heat.

(7) Rinsed with cool water, dry with t-shirt for 20 minutes, applied leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in + Infusium 23). Detangled with 2 combs, sealed with Vatika oil.

(8) Roller set and left air dry.

(9) After removing rollers, applied grape seed oil. Put hair in a loose bun and wrapped with a silk scarf.

This wash day went pretty well. After the shampoo, I did a mini strand test. Hair stretched a bit and was quite elastic. After the protein treatment, hair was much stronger and could withstand some tension. I saw some broken hair after shampooing (like 3 strands). It really had me worried. I know I have less broken hair than I did before I started my hair journey but I don’t want any problems. (Don’t start none, won’t be none)

I decided to do a clear rinse because it has been a while since I did one. I think the last time I did it was in July. Ebony of Longing4Length did a post and a video about the benefits of clear rinses. Here are some of the benefits she mentioned which I find quite useful.

  • Silkens your hair and therefore reduces the friction co-efficient between the strands which potentially means less damage and breakage
  • Protects against harsh weather environment (extreme cold, hot or dry)
  • Corrects your porosity: Temporary clear or colored rinses also contain proteins that bind to and patch up the hair shaft. This is especially helpful if your hair is over porous.
  • Reduces frizz: because it binds to the hair cuticle, it seals the strand therefore reducing frizz.
  • Locks in moisture: if your moisture/protein balance is on point, it is helpful to do a clear rinse after a moisturizing deep condition to lock in moisture. Again, because clear rinses seal the cuticle it helps prevent moisture from escaping

I noticed that my hair did not look shinier after the clear rinse but it felt different. My leave-ins took longer to absorb in my hair. Usually, they penetrate almost immediately but this time it took a few minutes. Also, detangling was much easier. I lost less hair and I didn’t even need to use my Mane n’ Tail detangler. My hair was very smooth, soft, and light when I took down the rollers. It was very late when I took them out so I didn’t take any pictures.



As a consolation for not taking any pictures, I’m giving you all a treat. 🙂 Like Don Draper, I love puppies. I saw this adorable puppy on my timeline so I wanted to share it with you.








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How did your last wash day go?


Image sources: Twitter (1) (2) and Mashable