The Start of My Healthy Hair Journey

aka “The Search for Edges”

I’ve been on my healthy hair journey since March 2012. It came about after a HORRIBLE braid experience. I got box braids in early 2011. At that time, I had no clue about moisturizing my hair properly or taking care of my hair in a protective style. I had the braids put in and left it alone. When I took them out about a month later, my hair’s thickness and edges went along with it. I was so sad about it. It was so bad that my stylist looked at it in shock and said, “What happened to all your hair?”

Fast-forward to a year later, my overall thickness returned but my edges were nowhere in sight. (Sidebar: My hair was still shoulder-length after that year so I didn’t retain any length. This is primarily because I had no solid plan.) I used to have edges before so not having them anymore was a hard, bitter pill to swallow.


My hair in October 2012. Edges were still in tact

So I went to consult my good friend, Google, and it led me to Aphro of . I saw the AMAZING results that she got from her Castor Oil Challenge. I thought it looked simple enough, so I decided to give it a try. The worst that could happen is that nothing changed. You can see my review and results here.


Results of Castor Oil Challenge

I was so happy the Castor Oil Challenge worked for me. In my excitement, I did more research that led me to Hairlista, Long Hair Care Forum, Just Grow Already, and African Hair Blog. Based on this information, I developed a regimen and it worked well.

Since I’ve been on this healthy hair journey, I’ve had some setbacks, which I will address in a future post. Spoiler alert: It involves my edges again.


Progress after 1 year

Progress after 1 year


Please believe that you can grow healthy hair. It is very, very possible. Check out some of my favorite blogs to see some examples.