Made in Naija: Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs – Product Review

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read my issues with finding hair products in Nigeria. Since I can’t always find products I like, I have been looking for locally made products. Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs is a product you can easily find throughout Nigeria. I bought it in April 2013 and I’ve used it on and off since then.


Price: I think I bought this for about N300 but the price may vary.

Size: 300 grams but is also comes in a smaller size

Availability: I bought this at a supermarket but you may find it in salons, your local market or anywhere they sell hair products.

Product Description: (I typed this as it is shown on the container. Beware; there are some spelling and grammatical errors. Correct spelling will be in brackets).

Emily Millionaire’s coconut oil & herbs is a product formulated with extracts from 100% natural herbs and hair growing minerals and oils to enhance hair growth for the all hair types.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural Coconut Oil & Herbs, Soya Beans Oil, Carrot Oil, Bergamot Oil, Saint Basil, Banana Jam, Vitamin E, Refined Palm Oil, Placenta, Protein, D Panthenol, African Shea Butter, Avacado [Avocado] Pear Oil and Almond Oil, Honey, Vegetable Oil, Orange Pells [Peels], Jojoba, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera

DIRECTIONS: For the best result every other day at night, part your hair, rub a little quantity of Coconut Oil & Herbs on to the scalp, Massage very well and allow to penetrate.

Use on permed hair, curled hair, and also on a virgin hair.

FOR RETOURCHING [Retouching]: After retourching [retouching] and washing your hair, then part your hair in to small parts and apply at least a teaspoonful of this natural and hair growing cream to the tender scalp, massage and set hair as desired and lavish the parted areas on the head with Emily Hair fertilizer lotion. Enter the dryer for three or four minutes for proper penetration, then style with Emily Millionaires Styling Hair Fertilizer

RESULT: Helps in the correction and restoration of damaged hair. It equally enriches growth of relaxed, curled and natural hair. If properly used, silky, dark and healthy, dandruff-free hair is your assurance.

Fragrance: It has a very pungent scent. I can smell a very strong alcohol, bananas, and some type of herb. I don’t use it as directed because of the smell. If you have an issue with strong smells (e.g. they trigger headaches), I would recommend that you avoid this product. I read this post at NappilyNigerianGirl and she also noticed the alcohol scent. One of the commenters mentioned that the alcohol in Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs is methyl salicylate. It is used as a preservative.


Texture and color: It has a thick creamy consistency and is beige in color. There are several particles interspersed throughout the cream. I suppose the particles are the herbs. If it is heated, it will liquefy and once it cools down it will return to the original texture. When I use it for a pre-poo, I usually heat it up so it can mix well with the honey.


Packaging: This cream is packaged in a tub with a cover that makes it easy to get every last bit. The colors and text are not very enticing. It looks very plain and not designed well. Packaging and design are important for capturing my attention when I look at products. I honestly would have never thought about this product if I didn’t read Dabs’ review on Naija Hair Can Grow. She gave it a fair and reasonable review. The packaging of this product was a real turn-off for me. Also, the spelling errors on the packaging are quite unprofessional.

Uses: I use this for a pre-shampoo treatment. The reason why I use it for a pre-poo is because of the strong smell and the particles. I know once I shampoo that those issues will be gone. I’ve tried it by itself and with other oils, honey, and/or conditioner. I prefer using it with the additions. At the very least, I add honey to it. My hair feels softer when I use it with the supplemental products. When I use this pre-poo, my new growth gets really soft and my hair usually gets pretty damp. This doesn’t happen when I just use oils for a pre-poo. I also tried this pre-poo treatment overnight (twice). Each time, my scalp (particularly at the crown) got very itchy and irritated. This doesn’t happen when I leave it on for an hour or two. The itchiness goes away after I shampoo my hair. Since it is oil-based, it can be used in place of whatever you use oil for (sealing after moisturizing, scalp massages, etc.).

Other notes: The alcohol scent has me concerned that my hair might dry out excessively but I haven’t noticed any adverse effects. It is a very good value and you can easily find it. I am concerned that all the ingredients aren’t listed on the package. The alcohol scent is very, very strong but there is no mention of any alcohol on the ingredient list. I also read on NappilyNigerianGirl that there is sulfur in Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs, which is not listed as an ingredient. It makes me wonder what else is there. Some of the ingredients are new to me. What is ‘banana jam’? Is it a banana spread you can put on bread and have with your morning tea?

Would I purchase again? Yes. It works well for what I use it for and it is a great value.

Have you tried Emily Millionaire products before? What was your experience like?

Disclosure: The product reviewed in this post was purchased with my money. I have not received any compensation for writing this post. The opinions are completely my own and based on my experience.