Keep Your Weave Clean!


I recently saw this post on

Video: Bet You Didn’t Know Atlanta Had Ratchet Weave Commercials….

There is a link to a hilarious commercial for a hair extension company. In the ad, a young man takes out his boo for a surprise … to get a new weave. He complained about the odor and asks her to change it. While I found this terrifically funny, it addresses the issue of personal hygiene when it comes to extensions. I have no problem with people wearing weaves, braids, or any type of extensions. If it’s cute, do you. What I do have an issue with funky smells. There is really no excuse for it. There are several resources on how to keep your weave and hair clean.

Think about it this way. You probably won’t go more than a day without bathing. Imagine if you decided not to take a bath for a month. I don’t think too many people will be lining up to hang out with you. If done properly, washing your weave/extensions will not ruin the style. It may actually make it look fresh again.

Keep your weaves and extensions clean! 🙂