This week’s co-wash was pretty simple. My hair isn’t as dry this week. I figured out a way to moisturize it that has helped a lot. My new growth has trouble retaining moisture. So, I used my PW77 moisturizer (conditioner, water, glycerine) on the new growth while I use some Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair Intense Moisture Crème on the relaxed portions of my hair. Then, I seal it with Vatika oil and grape seed oil. I’ve had the Intense Moisture Crème for a while and I never really liked how it felt on my hair. I realize now that I was using too much product. A little goes a long way. My new growth, however, does not like this product. It does nothing for its moisture levels.

Here’s what I did for this co-wash:

(1) Sectioned hair into 4 and finger detangled

(2) Co-washed with Hair Fruits conditioner

(3) Dried with a t-shirt for 15 min and added leave-ins (Infusium 23 and Giovanni Direct). Then, detangled with 2 combs and sealed with grape seed oil

(4) Tied the front down with satin scarf allowed to dry slightly. Then, put hair in bun using a duck bill clip

Left: Hair after detangling Right: Hair in a bun

Left: Hair after detangling   Right: Hair in a bun

Simple, right? My hair felt pretty soft afterwards but not as soft as when I deep condition. (This is expected). Detangling was so easy this time. I didn’t need to use any detangler and it went by fast. I was fully expecting it to take at least 45 minutes to detangle since I’m so far along in the stretch. It took about 20 minutes! I was shocked. I was watching Tia & Tamera on the Style Network. (They are great. I have loved watching them on TV since ‘Sister Sister’. Funny enough that show also comes on TV a lot here.) I thought it was going to take the whole episode for me to finish detangling. Once it started air drying, my hair puffed up significantly. I had to put it in a bun before it got too out of control.  Before I went to sleep, my hair still felt soft and moisturized. However, when I woke up, it felt very dry. I moisturized and sealed it and it felt better. I really think the weather is playing a role in this. My skin is also feeling very dry. I also have to drink much more water because I feel thirsty all the time. This usually happens when the weather is very dry.


How do you deal with your hair’s moisture when the weather changes?